What it does

Deposit in Channels to get deposit interest and deposit mining rewards, borrow token to obtain borrowed mining rewards, participate in DAO governance to obtain pledge income and weekly high dividends, and participate in liquidity mining and pledge mining to obtain CAN income. Channels supports 15 mainstream tokens and 12 (Mdex) LP asset mortgage lending. The platform's token CAN has also been listed on Huobi Exchange on 21st April. As the leading platform on Heco, Channels has always performed well in asset security, user experience and mining rewards, and has always adhered to product experience as the basis and user interests as the core.

Channels current total deposits and loans have reached 390 million U.S. dollars, and the circulation of CAN is only 610,000. 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Channels.finance is the first fully decentralized also the biggest lending platform on Heco, focusing on user asset security, and the first release supports LP mortgage lending + LP aggregator.

Channels has strong security, high yield, good liquidity, beautiful UI, and friendly product interaction. It is the largest LP mortgage lending platform. Channels has never had a security incident. The deposit income of mainstream tokenhas long been the top of the lending platform. A reasonable interest rate model guarantees ample liquidity. The user-friendly UI and interaction make Channels the most easy-to-use lending platform.

The platform's token CAN has also been listed on Huobi Exchange on 21st April. As the leading platform on Heco.

What's next for Channels

Channels will cross to public chains such as Polygon, BSC, ETH and Solana, becoming the head of lending platform.


The founding team is mainly the technical team invested by Huobi’s co-founder and ex-CTO. Key members of the team were graduated from top universities in China.


Former Xiaomi Robot AI algorithm engineer, with experience in the development of intelligent vision algorithms, blockchain, and front to back multi-dimensional products. More than 2 years of smart contract development experience for ETH, EOS, TRON. 6 years of continuous entrepreneurial experience. Owning a blockchain company with stable income ($500k in revenue last year), funded by ex-Huobi CTO Mr. Ying SONG.

Samson Yee

Fellow of Society of Actuaries (FSA). He has more than 15 years of experience in financial industry, worked in financial institutions such as Barclays Capital, AIA, and Big Four Audit Firms. Serial entrepreneur with initiated projects in insurance and blockchain.

Jasper Young

During his earlier career with Morgan Stanley and Accenture Management Consulting, he began to lead the team to explore the blockchain technology and financial development, and actively promoted industry awareness and practical implementation in financial institutions. His strength is on digital asset management product design and corporate strategy.

What are the advantages about Channels compared to other projects

The first and fundamental point is security. Channels is the first lending platform in the Heco ecosystem that adopts a decentralized oracle solution, and it is also the first lending platform to go online after all open source, verification and auditing are completed. Before Heco introduced its own oracle, Channels designed its own decentralized oracle solution, which is completely different from other lending products that use centralized oracles. In addition, Channels has passed the audit of Fairly Security and knownsec.com.  In addition, we have also done KYC certification on Huobi Exchange, so there is no reason to give up project.

The second point is reward. At present, there are many ways to obtain income through Channels. Take deposit and borrow mining as an example. Currently, assets that can be borrowed on our platform include 17 mainstream currencies such as HT, HBTC, ETH, HUSD, USDT, UNI, and DOT. The deposit income of most mainstream currencies is the highest on Channels, and the borrowing cost of most mainstream currencies is the lowest on Channels. At the same time, we are the first lending platform on Heco that supports LP mortgage lending and the largest LP lending platform on heco.

The third point is experience. Users experience of Channels has been praised and recognized by many users. Whether it is the convenience of interactive operation or the overall UI style, it is no exaggeration to say that Channels is currently the best lending platform on Heco.

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