Streamers of all types don't need another window open to manage their channel points rewards and theirr redemptions. Seriously twitch how many monitors do you think we have? So we gave them a voice system to manage rewards and redemptions.

What it does

An Alexa skill that allows streamers to approve or reject redemptions one by one or all at once using voice commands. It also allows streamers to create and delete rewards on the fly using their voice. It has a help command to explain what it does, and a suggest reward ideas command if a streamer needs some inspiration.

How we built it

Just to make things difficult we decided to create the skill in .NET Core / C# to further increase the difficulty level we decided to go with an azure function rather than an AWS lambda. There is a PubSub piece written in node.js that sends proactive events to a streamers Alexa device if it is enabled.

Challenges we ran into

Well, lack of time for sure. As we have extensive experience in the NLP and Conversational AI field, This was the first time with this flavor of Alexa. The documentation is not as thorough and we would have liked (it never is). Also since C# is not an officially supported languages there was quite a bit of self teaching. It would also have been nice to give viewers the opportunity to redeem redemptions while watching a stream on Alexa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE DID IT. We made the skill and it works. and we learned a lot.

What we learned

We implemented a cache and a persistent state store from scratch, and that was a huge learning curve. We also learned alot about PubSub.

What's next for Channel Point Manager

More options when creating rewards, default reward templates, more suggested reward ideas (and let the community contribute), granularity on approve/reject of redemptions like by user, by reward, etc. Right now you cannot configure all options for reward creation. the process is quite lengthy as well. so that will need to be redesigned.

Testing and Usage

Note to join the beta you will have to use this link and send your email address to to be added


Please contact us at to accommodate whatever you may need to test this project. We can provide beta test access, a test account for Alexa, any further instructions, or anything else. We understand the testing of this project will be significantly more difficult than most as you cannot just run it on your own computer.

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