students dropping out of schools due to financial issues or discontinuing their studies due to lack of funds should be a thing of the past. it is very common to find a 20ksh coin to spare among each of us. "Harambee" or "Kuchanga" has been around for hundreds of years, it's only recently that mobile technologies have been used to reduce costs and automate manual process.We at changia App believe that the method is both scalable and effectives.

What it does

changiaApp provides its user with the platform to forward funds for fee payments among needy

How I built it

I used eclipse and android sdk tool kit to create the application We aspired to use the latest technologies in providing a seamless experience for the mobile user.We focussed on the experience so that users can donate without being obstructed by user interface interactions and eliminate language improve the user experience.

Challenges I ran into

In creating the application we wanted to use a local mobile service provider mobile money transfer platform as it is the most viable way for all kenyans to transfer money in an easy and fast manner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to present a simple intuitive mobile application easily understandable for most mobile phone users in kenya.

What I learned

i learnt proper development planning is key in such hackathons and also about the app market

What's next for ChangiaApp

proper integration of all aspects of the mobile app.

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