The workplace is not always convenient, sometimes you have a boss that isn't treating you and your coworker right or you may a problem with the newly installed kitchen (and you see a lot of other people have it this problem too); the bottom line that these problems in your work space exist and in reality, there is not much you can do with it (without risking your job or reputation).

This is where out product Changement comes in, it's a website like that makes petition's to solve workplace issues. We are proud to say that this is the only application on the market that targets internal issues (from companies/organization) before they get external and everybody knows about it.

Our product gives the anonymity and accessibility for everyone in a workplace to make a complaint without getting noticed (as it's fully anonymous). When they use our product, issues don't have to go to mainstream media (like Google's project Dragonfly) before getting resolved, this can potentially save a companies reputation and lot of money.

When there are the specified amount of petitions (usually relevant to the companies size) to a product, it is send the head of HR, CEO or other high position so that they can see how relevant this issue is. A major problem we had was not having enough time to implement code to our visual images made from Adobe XD CC, thus to solve this problem we just put all our visual representation on a PowerPoint and went through the different pages manually through the slides.

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