This Effect is inspired by the need to improve society.

What it does

This Effect lets the user to explore a Changemaker Game where we change the World for the better. We wanted that all the main aspects of our society were shown in the scenario, so every detail was meticulously created. We got the idea of inserting 5 GEMS that symbolize the actions that a Changemaker should do to save the world.

How we built it

The base 3D Ship model was bought in Sketchfab and that was modified by us through Photoshop. Then we proceeded to create the storytelling to be implemented. The initial message tells the user that the World has been environmentally destroyed, which is not so far from current reality, and then we show the user that he/she needs to catch 5 Gems.

The order in which Gems are caught doesn't matter. Instead it important is to notice that some of the Gems will make the scenario change. For instance:

  • The Gem related to recycling will recover sea colors back to it's original colors and will enable animal sounds and sea sounds, and i will make the soda cans dissappear
  • The Gem related to planting trees will recover the Palms colors

Challenges we ran into

  1. Asset dimensions: I think the main constraint for any medium complexity Effect for Instagram is the Size.
  2. Publishing: A current challenge is the fact that our filter hasn't been approved yet by Instagram. It's been rejected and we can't figure out why.
  3. Plane tracking: Oh boy, we struggled a lot with this functionality! At the end we realized that increasing the dimensions of the 3D objects would make the user move around and unconsciously track the plane, which was what we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the result achieved because the deliverables are exactly what we wanted. We would be thrilled if the filter got accepted so that it can help somehow to make conscious the need for change.

What we learned

A lot. For sure we learned how to manage 3D objects.

What's next for Changemaker Game

Next step is to create new worlds, new challenges for people to make this world a better place.

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