Our proposal is a business model where the traveler’s desire for rich experiences helps to directly fund local development, socially and ecologically responsible tourism. Our initiative will develop travel programs in selected locations, where part of the sales profit will be directed to the communities, improving their wellbeing. Guests will choose a travel savings plan, where various levels will allow them to travel once a year, as well as define the comfort level of their trip. With the decrease in job security, buying power has diminished. However, the desire to travel and experience the world has grown in response to increased travel restrictions and pandemic lockdowns. Our product is a perfect compromise of creating safe tour itineraries, regarding health, hygiene, and sustainability while empowering local communities to best represent themselves to a wider stage.

The travel problem your project solves, including challenge(s):

Travel & Experience: Lack of meaningful connections between travelers and the communities. Sustainability & Relief: Financial income rarely used for the development of destinations.

Your solution and what it does:

We developed a locally-driven travel company that through sustainable travel packages creates authentic connections while supporting local communities' development. Featuring: Travel Savings Plans: Travelers contribute to their trip month by month, providing an opportunity to make travel more accessible. We want to empower people to experience the world and give back to the communities that they are visiting. Part of the monthly payment is destined to investments for social projects in the community, developing the destination. Travel Club: An efficient way for travelers to communicate with each other and also to connect with the location they are heading to, even before the trips start, creating meaningful experiences.

How did you build it?

We engineered an entire operating business, not only a platform. We created a business plan showing personas, marketing strategies, sustainability and safety protocols, pricing, partnerships, and a totally new approach to make traveling accessible and meaningful, creating a real and authentic impact in both local communities and travelers.

What are you proud of?

We are proud of being able to combine our experiences in tourism with the knowledge of the problems we are currently facing, creating a business model that can actually become real and solve travelers' and destinations' critical issues. Trying to fundamentally change the way Brazilians travel and support local communities.

What is the next step for your solution and how will you take that step?

Identifying strategic and reliable partners: researching NGOs and field inspections. / Developing hiring and training programs for personnel: partnerships with universities and local technical schools. / Certification: apply to government and regulatory certification of the tourism industry. / Assist the community in creating their own business through investments.

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