Our Story

After Ann Marie's struggles with changing her name across multiple platforms, she was through. With each one having different requirements, processes, etc, it just became cumbersome. For example on Spotify, you can only update your name on mobile!

This experience is alike that of many trans people; Your name is a very personal identifier, and changing it can be hard enough. You have to wonder if it really is worth losing all your data just to change your screen name (making a new account on a platform, uhg). This nuisance has brought us here today.

Our Response: Change-My-Name

Change-My-Name is a regularly maintained catalogue of various web services and social media outlets, that details which services allow users to edit personal information, in particular, to change your name. We'll even show you how!

Our site lists sites and services, provides information regarding those sites, shows you how to change your name on that service, and even includes a link to relevant support articles! Each site is also graded Good/Mediocre/Poor/Unchangeable to give useful information even at a glance.

How We Did It

The aim was to keep it simple. Our site is just built with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It's hosted on GitHub pages too, which means no frameworks, no build process, just visit the site! We want this service to be as accessible as possible.

All this information is pulled from a JSON file, which makes adding and editing sites easy, even for those with no programming experience.


The challenge of working remotely is legitimate. Due to some of our other commitments during this time frame, we couldn't all work at the same time as much as we wanted.

Our team was fairly well-varied in skills and software developmental foci, but that meant some features took longer to implement than others.

Our Accomplishments!

The project is set up with expandability in mind, notably our work with GitHub issue templates, initial web-data collection, and dynamic data processing in the site. It will be easy to continue development after T9Hacks, and even easier to bring in new people to help further develop its features.

What We Learned

Front-end development! Bootstrap, javascript, reading data from JSON, HTML table functionality, GitHub services like GitHub Pages, issues and issue templates, and so much more! Each team-member had a vastly different learning experience this weekend, for sure.

What's Next

More accessibility features, localization, cooler buttons, and many, many more sites!

–Made with pride, by Team 4-Hours-of-Sleep: Ann Marie, Gwen, Spencer, and Charlotte

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