Healthcare professionals are deeply touched by this pandemic, not only because they are exposed on the front line but they also experience closer than all of us the emotional toll of the job. There is a lot of efforts to make sure they are having protective equipment to be safe but I would like to provide alternatives for them to be supported in an emotional way and bounce back stronger than ever!

What it does

  1. A tool kit with easy to deliver advise on the emotional sides of change are, tips to cope with stress, grief, lack of work-life balance, etc.
  2. A virtual learning circle where we can connect healthcare professionals that are facing the same challenges to have a sense of community and learn from each other in a safe environment (e.g. connect healthcare professionals from the world that maybe already overcame this experience in other parts of the world, learn how they got through it)
  3. Webinars with experts on topics of interest for the community on how to thrive during pandemic times

How I built it

Work in progress!

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Change mgmt. and emotional support for health workers

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