A mobile application to break down and analyze Chanel handbag serial numbers.

Counterfeit luxury items are becoming increasingly common and more accessible with the help of the internet. Unfortunately, that means more unaware customers get scammed into shelling out thousands of dollars for something that is not authentic. The classic quilted Chanel handbag, also known as the quintessential fashion icon, is one of the most counterfeited items of all time. Its replicas are so well made that hundreds of fake models accidentally fly through professional authenticators at The RealReal and Poshmark. This is an extremely costly mistake, as a good condition Chanel handbag retail for anywhere between $4,000-$7,000. The good news is that many replica makers are not consistent with their serial numbers- which allows for a good first line of defense even without professional help.

Chanelyzer makes this simple and straightforward. Instead of digging for information for a specific serial number, you can now input it directly and break down all the information you need to make an informed decision, before moving to the next steps of detailed evaluation. Know what year your bag came from, what specific attributes your sticker should have, and what fonts are consistent with that era.

Built using Flutter/Dart.

Built With

  • dart
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