We plan on developing an application based on Virtual Reality to visualize Earth/Moon. Our application provides an option to select any location on Earth such as Mount Everest or the Saharan desert and the user will be taken to the virtual world of amazing things in an instant. We have special options within the app like simulation of natural phenomenon like an earthquake or a fire, so that the people can be trained in case of any such calamities. And not only that, our app will also provide information about the location where the user virtually goes like the population density, temperature, humidity, and even better the user will get facts like history of the place.

Since the moon is still a site we all are studying and researching about, out app provides the information of the lunar soil, the countries with their satellites on the moon and with the help of motion sensor device called Kinect (xBox- kinet), we can also help people in experiencing the natural effects of the moon such as “GRAVITY ON THE MOON”.

This app will especially help the students. They can actually visualize things written in their textbook rather than just mugging it all up. This will intensify the interest of students and even the general public in the fields of Science, Physics, Geography and Astrophysics.

We are using a virtual environment made in UNITY3D which consists of models created in BLENDER like .fbx file format and the materials in format in .mtl We are using SKYBOX shaders and particle effect, the lens flare will be created using UNITY standard assets the intractable objects and the user movement will be programmed in C#. We are planning to use 360° view and user interaction with KINECT to intensify the user experience with the intractable objects.

For a better economic model we will also be using BLUETOOTH joystick for interaction. Gaze control is added for simplicity and ease for use so the app works without kinect as well. The interaction with models using Gaze control is easier to use making it easy for impaired people to use the application.

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