When you hear the stories of immigrants coming to the U.S., you will always hear how they came with just a dollar in their pocket. We hear the stories of how they had a life in their country until it became unsafe for them to keep living there. The story would get tough to listen to as you hear about the challenges they went through just get food or provide health care to their families. Inspired by our families, friends and community, we came with the idea to make it easier for their life to transition over here. Our team either experienced it or we know someone close who has. We know the value of what immigrants bring to our country here in the U.S. and we want to build a better community without barriers.

What it does

A web application that works like a job portal where individuals can get their degrees evaluated and employers can post sponsored roles and find talent all in one location.

How we built it

Built on Adobe Xd, later move it over to web and mobile(Flutter).

Challenges we ran into

Finding solid statistics to back our claims in the under-utilization of college educated immigrants

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a partner, solidifying our data, creating our pitch, and prototype

What we learned

We learned that the issue is actually negatively impacting the U.S. more than what we expected. We also learned how to use Adobe Xd and a few other programs.

What's next for ChanceTech

Close up a partnership deal with Wes and develop the first website to go live.

Built With

  • adobe
  • xd
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