Inspiration: We liked the idea of creating an art-type project that incorporated the current weather into the experience. We thought it'd be a unique twist to use the current weather and location data to influence the outcome and aesthetic of a game. Beyond that, we remade guitar hero, removed the guitar and made you hit those notes by whistling to control your character.

How we built it

We used Unity as our framework, we coded C# scripts, and pinged the Met Office API with our current location to get the Chance of Rain at this current time. We used a Music Analyser framework within Unity to provide us with mathematical information used for beat detection. We used Unity's built in audio source analysis packages to analyse input data, which provided us with FFT'd data, which we could then further abstract to work as a pitch detection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the whole project! It came together nicely as we all independently worked on the individual modules and were able to fit them together with little difficulty. We are proud of our program design, our use of Unity and our ability to work through our tired eyes.

What's next for Chance of Rain

It'd be great to explore the potential applications of whistle-based interactions for the mobile platform. It'd also be fun to get more creative with the effects on the game of different weather patterns.

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