Summarize your idea/solution

Studies have shown an increase in posts surrounding social causes on personal Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. While this helps raise awareness, more can be done to help the cause at hand and this app seeks to bridge that gap through providing an intuitive, all inclusive database of ways to help right from a user's phone.

Describe your idea and how it addresses the challenge

People, especially the “social media generation,” are posting on their online stories and feeds about the poor conditions humans are facing around the world. While this may help raise awareness, it does little in its immediate action to help solve or lessen the problem. This app helps eliminate the effort taken to learn how to reach out and how to help with a given situation. Push notifications will be sent when help is needed—this makes for an immediate awareness and a single tap for the end user to see how to be of help, often right from their cell phones. Once they open the app, it display the current campaign(s), a brief summary of what is going on, links to news articles to learn more, and most importantly—ways to help those who need it the most.

For Users:

Champion is a direct link to major causes all over the world. Our goals are to inform, empower, and motivate you. A single tap in the app will direct you to a wealth of knowledge, with resources such as:

  • A concise summary of the issue
  • Convenient and current representation of both partisan and non-partisan news articles
  • Brings developing legislation surrounding the cause to a palatable and actionable level
  • Immediate and user-friendly actions that can make a difference
  • Arms you with the resources to go above and beyond to really champion the cause

For Those in Need:

Champion gives sponsors, activists, and those in need a collective platform to extend their reach and exposure. Earnest representation of your cause is the best catalyst for real change.

For Organizations:

Champion empowers organizations by providing the tools to influence action. These simple tools allow organizations to customize and define the actionable items provided to the users. We respect the expertise of the organization and understand that each cause has unique problems, needs, and timelines. This freedom ensures that the organizations are not constrained by a one-size-fits-all template and we encourage prioritization of actions to maximize each user's impact on your cause.

How would your idea serve a local community?

Champion allows for a connection between those who want to help and those who need the help. By eliminating the "leg work" necessary to figure out how to help, this app will increase those who are eager to help but may not know how to do so. This will in turn, help further efforts already ignited by local and national organizations. It allows for the user to help with the latest humanitarian crisis from the convenience of their phone.

Who will use the solution?

The ideal market is the "social media" generation, or those who find themselves posting on social media platforms regarding the current events and human rights violations that are occurring in the world. The target market is 16-30 year old individuals.

What makes your solution unique, innovative, and impactful?

There is a clear need for a bridge between organizations and the younger generations. This solution allows for that bridge. There is no app on the market right now that provides for an intuitive, aesthetic, and all-in-one database for legal and non-legal resources on how to help. People are eager to help, but often stop at posting about the issue on their Instagram or Twitter page, as they may not know where to look to help beyond that or may not know what organizations are trusted to provide donations for. This takes out that work and allows for a few clicks to go a long way and truly make an impact in the community and beyond.

Sponsoring Organization

Al Otro Lado

_ *More organizations TBA as well _

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