The universal problem of missing children is worrying, and while ground level efforts in different parts of the world are in effect combat the problem, statistics highlight gaping holes within the system which are ill equipped and show an unequal ratio between the number of missing children in need to the number of officers and volunteers who are trained to handle their case. The "Amber Alert" is a US-initiated abduction alert system which was stated in 1996 after the abduction and murder of a 9-year-old girl names Amber Hagerman. It's currently active in 30+ countries. If implemented correctly, this could serve to raise awareness about missing children and could contribute to reuniting many families. It uses multiple forms of media and public information gathering systems in order o share information about missing children. The need of a system which will connect the public and relevant authorities, juxtaposed with the need for an effective and dedicated service which will help raise awareness and locate missing children.

What it does

Champion - It is our initial step to empower people with e-learning and awareness about human entrapment and trafficking methods via simple text based choice games. To help people make smart choices and stop the flow of victims. The user is presented with role play based game where they are part of different scenarios and have to make choices at every step to go through the flow. The out come is based on the choices the user makes.

Support authorities and verified support organisations by reporting incidents in public spaces. Text branching and choice games (Inoculation Therapy) : Adapted for all mobile users as SMS based games for public awareness.

How I built it

Android studio Quickbase API

Challenges I ran into

Working around Quickbase API with Android was bit of a challenge initially, but the new "RESTful API Guide" was of great help.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with Quickbase API

What's next for Champion

Deploy a chatbot based simple 1-2 min "make a choice" game focused on tactics widely used by traffickers, for example great job offers, coercion etc. Drive adaption/ awareness by providing different scripts on trafficking scenarios and encourage students to physically present a skit/play and record it for wider audience Collaborate with relevant experts to an 'Authorised' pathway of missing children database and facial matching from reports.

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