Chameleon is a color recognition API that allows the use of RGB averages to differentiate objects and trigger actions. Paired with a live camera, Chameleon can identify actionable color assigned to objects in the scene by averaging the reds, greens, and blues from a particular area. Upon locating a particular color, Chameleon will trigger its assigned action.

This API was built in C# and visual studio, and its documentation website was built in HTML and CSS. The potential applications of Chameleon are vast: it could be used to instruct a robotic arm to perform surgery by “color coding” the tools and procedure, or in a music performance to trigger lighting positioning based on where the artist is located on-stage. Our API takes the complexity out of modern computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect the developer with the world around him. This is Chameleon: bridging knowledge gaps through a touch of color.

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