There are an estimated 11 million undocumented people in the United States. With tough immigration laws they are limited to working in jobs that pay under the table or finding small-time gigs that don't require many skills. Worker Resource Center in many cities help such workers by matching them with employers looking for daily and ad-hoc laborers. Resource Centers are under-resourced, under-staffed and are overwhelmed with a large volume of workers and potential employers. Many employers often are not able to find workers, and similarly workers everyday end-up not able to get connected with these potential employers.

What it does

Provide an extremely simple, easy to use, safe and relatively anonymous online service for day laborers to announce their availability for daily work and employers to find these workers.

  • workers send a TXT message to the Chamba service
  • worker availability is updated in real-time
  • employers are able lookup anytime worker availability and connect with them

How we built it

  • node.js
  • angularjs
  • twilio

Challenges we ran into

We were having a problem coming up for a logo for the website. But Jonathan used Adobe Photoshop to create a dynamic and artistic logo.


What's next for Chamba

Finish building-out the MVP!

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