Quick summary

Here's the process:

  • you log in (using Facebook Login or email)
  • complete your professional profile (including picking your dev circle, That should be integrated with actual Facebook circles!)
  • now you can show off cool project that you're doing to peers in your group, discuss them and learn together
  • you can all participate if various coding competitions (code are executed and evaluated on our platform so you can see who has better result, we have global leaderboard and you can also see your position within the dev circle)

FINALLY: you can write a bot (right now to play the game of tic-tac-toe, new games coming soon) in one of your favorite programming languages (5 of them are supported now). Then we can have different bots of different users play with each other! (their codes are automatically executed and moves are visible on a board). So we can see that match in real-time as the codes are executing. That's a lot of fun! It's also a cool way to socialize with other devs, practice and see who's better.

Developers tend to align across technology lines. Which means that for instance Java developers have their own forums, meetups and facebook groups. We think that this fun game of bots can bring them all together and give them all some fun!

Right now it's just a beta, and one bot game engine was created. But we're in the process of adding new ones. So please stay tuned!

We think it will help developers to: -discover new great talents around them but NOT directly but through playing coding games! -stay in touch with other developers and compete with them (while having fun) -practice their coding skills, train their brain and improve!


I've had some friends back in uni time and when we attended the same CS classes, and being given similar code assignments, we could see who has better solution and also learn from each other. It may sound weird but those challenges were in some way uniting us and creating a bond. Those times however are long gone. Now everyone is in different project and we don't have opportunity for those kind of things.

We think this project has a potential to bring us back together with some fun creative code challenges! There are some fun stuff and competitive coding website where we can join. But with this project we can

  • have it inside our private Dev Circle group (and have our leaderboard there)
  • not only solve creative tasks but also code bots and see them playing with each other in real-time. Which is an extra thrill!

What it does

Allow developers to have socialize, learn and have fun while coding smart AI bots to play different games (tic-tac-toe and more soon!)

How I built it

With a lot of love and dedication!

Challenges I ran into

That's early product version but we had some beta tests. And we noticed that some users will write codes that will never end (infinite loops etc.). We need to find a way to monitor those programs and close them automatically.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've managed to test our games in beta-mode with some users. And they had a lot of fun with it! That made us very proud. We think it's very unique system with real-time visualization and want to develop it further!

What I learned

A lot! That was sharp learning curve since this project was something completely new for us!

What's next for ChallengeRocket - Battle of bots

Future plans include:

  • create more interactive games! (already in the making Chess and few more)
  • add more programming languages
  • we're currently integrating FB messegenger (this feature is already being published but requires some extra polishing)
  • integrate AI to observe users solving challenges!
  • new graphics

*clarification: Leaderboard in a "traditional" code competition is an actual leaderboard. But in "battle of bots" sort of challenge it is currently showing a history of matches and wins.

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