GOAL: imagine Monday all-in-one platform for all hiring & people related operations.


We've talked to our existing customers what do they think about it. Monday would be great to manage hiring & people operations with its flexibility and great ways to manage & visualize candidate pipeline. The thing is that people data are not there. This is bacause clients use other existing ATS systems to publish job ads and pull candidates from job board. There's no time to re-write that into Monday.


So let's make first Monday a next level ATS system! Which itself would represent amazing market potential. Then let's do even more with candidates data that are there. Think of automatically getting skill insights directly from Monday so that you know even more about your candidates!


  1. Publish your job ads on your own career pages from within Monday. Just fill in couple of fields. As you change job status / move it to active jobs it's being automatically published and is visible on Future: multijob posting, so that

  2. All of your candidates data that apply are instantly visible in Monday.

  3. You can create relevant assessment that fits your job needs while mitigating bias. Yes you can also do it in Monday and invite candidates to show off their skills. Coding IT, general reasoning or custom Tests can be run from We've prepared couple of pre-ready example tests for demonstration.

  4. You can also create your own test! You configure your custom content and assessment test flow with few click directly from within Monday and generate web app experience for your candidates / employees. Native Monday capabilites turned out to be very easy-to-use and friendly test authoring tool. Candidates receive initations and their results land back into Monday.

You can run test for new candidates and your existing team members (for IT teams and not only).

5. Then Unlock custom workflows in Monday All data land in Monday where you can use all its powers: customize your pipelines and create automations to instantly advance candidates to next steps based on the automatic test scores and/or information submitted by candidates.

Thisis example of a use case scenarios:

  1. You are assembling team for new project within your organization (i.e. you're software house starting project for a client in Germany. It's essential that they have good knowledge of C++. Also basic understanding of German is nice-to-have.).
  2. You can use native capabilities of Monday to browse people and their skills & experience.
  3. You can announce your project internally in your organization or externally to source more candidates (custom job opening created from Monday that is going to be automatically created & published on your ChallengeRocket Careeer Site).
  4. You can review all people & assess their Skills not leaving Monday.

Invite candidates to muliple test (ready-to-use or you own). We can congigure MINIMUM TRHESHOLDIN MONDAY that would represent right mix of skills required to excel in certain job. With Monday formulas you can make it super flexible, easy and fun to use!


More easy to manage people & hiring operations. Full funnel - from job advertisting, pre-assessment and hire.


Multi-posting - you can truly use Monday as next-level Applicant Tracking System. More capabilities inside native Monday app (i.e. more test authoring capabilities). We've got more ideas how we could take this forward. Let's talk if interested :-)

Technical remark: Also please let us know where we can publish instructions - how to test the app (we've included link for judges but there's not instructions). Set ups is rather easy: Application contains only board templates and doesn’t require any special permissions.

Built With

  • api
  • monday
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