If you're an avid Devpost user, which I'm sure you are, you've noticed that we've been improving our commenting system recently! We're going to be adding more and more opportunities to comment on the awesome stuff you're seeing in your feed, so the old system needed an overhaul.

You can see it in action in your feed and in project updates for now.


Some highlights

  • Add, edit and delete comments inline
  • Cute material-design-inspired animation when editing comments
  • Load previous comments if you want to read the whole thread
  • The Devpost team gets an icon next to their avatar

What I learned

The whole thing was built using MarionetteJS. I'm starting to get used to this Backbone Framework, but it's always good to get some more practice with it.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the issues I encountered were related to the Backbone router and the fact that Devpost is not a full backbone app. I reverted to triggering an event instead of relying on the url to start the comment app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The best part about this new commenting system is that it's easily embeddable anywhere on the site, and it'll make your feed better and livelier!

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