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Customized challenges are great way to discover new people and enter them into existing communities as well as to strenghen bonds within existing communities.

I've had some friends back in uni time and when we attended the same classes, and being given similar assignments. We could see who has better solution and also learn from each other. It may sound weird but those challenges were in some way uniting us and creating a bond. Those times however are long gone. Now everyone is in different project and we don't have opportunity for those kind of things.

We think this project has a potential to bring us back together with some fun creative challenges (quiz and code challenges)! It's also another way to discover new people around you!

What you can do in few words: -you log in (using Facebook Login or email) -complete your professional profile (including picking your dev circle. That should be integrated with actual Facebook circles!) -now you can show off cool project that you're doing to peers in your group, discuss them and learn together (we activated that for selected users, and provided you access) -you can all socialize within the circle, taking part in quizzes and code competitions. You can also create your own content and share it. You can see your position in the circle on a leaderboard. -finally you can boast share the best score on fb!

We think it will help developers to: -discover new great talents around them but NOT directly but through playing coding games and quizzes! -stay in touch with other developers and compete with them (while having fun) -practice their skills and improve!

What it does

We started this project last year. Back then it was just about "battle of bots" code tournaments inside developer circle communities. Users could write code of bots playing some strategy game like tic-tac-toe or chess. They could write codes in browser Our platform were automatically compiling and executing those codes, and made different bots play against each other (game was visualized on the screen). We present it briefly in the first part of the video.

Then we made pretty substantial progress. New beta version includes the following:

  • real-time quizes and code tournaments: dev circle admin who started the challenge can see users scoring points in real-time as they give answers/write codes. Results are visualized on the screen.
  • authoring tool: now it's possible for users to create their own challenge and run them for peers in their circle (it's a great way to test skills and learn from each other)
  • we support both quiz and code challenges. For each leaderboard is being created.
  • advanced analytics: after completing test we see how we stand out against other peers in our circle and also against other devs in our city and country (provided that enough people have completed given test).
  • users can have a chat inside dev circle
  • we completed changed grapics and UI
  • integration with fb is more deep (users can use the service with their fb accounts and they may also boast about their scores in challenges)

How I built it

With a lot of love and dedication!

Challenges I ran into

There were a lot of them. One was to build usable interface - as simple as possible. We invited a lot of beta testers to figure that out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're quite proud of advanced stats and analytics you're getting when quiz/challenge is completed. It's a way to engage with other people from

What I learned

A lot! That was sharp learning curve since this project was something completely new for us!

What's next for Challenge in your circle!

It's still beta version that we need to improve! For sure what we need to do is to integrate AI to observe users solving challenges. We also still need to introduce new design for dev circle home view (one you see in the screenshots is much nicer then the one shown in the video)

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