In the COVID world, we’re seeing lots of companies and influencers are challenging their followers to various goals (try new at-home exercises, try a plant-based diet), sometimes with raffle rewards, or sometimes just for fun. We want to make a platform where someone can specify certain parameters for their challenge (name, description, challenge, participation criteria, prize, duration), and we’ll generate a challenge page for them. They can then take the link for their challenge page and share it on their Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Each challenge page will be interactive, including a form for people to post updates of their challenge milestones. These responses populate a feed of submissions from all challenge participants, and may include photos, text updates, videos, etc.

The users of this project could span from an individual making a challenge for their friends to a company hosting a challenge for marketing. For example, companies like Under Armour may choose to use our platform instead of having to make their own, as in

We imagine a home page that lists trending challenges, and challenge pages that provide useful utilities to the challenge hoster (like file upload if your challenge requires photos) as well as entertainment (feed, thread, etc.)


When I want to work for online schooling, I call my friends over Zoom so that we can hold each other accountable for staying focused. When my mom wanted to expand her culinary skills during this stay-at-home-period, she organized daily mini cooking challenges with her friends. And when my brother wanted to prevent weight gain, he challenged me to a no-sugar contest.

In my experience, people like to strive for goals together. It increases our commitment to the goal, and is also a fun way to connect with your family and community. So we wanted to create a platform that makes it easy for influencer and family members alive to challenge each other to various goals.

What it does

Challenge Hub allows users to create challenges pages. They can then share their challenge pages to friends, followers, target audience, etc. Challenge Hub also allows you to subscribe to challenges, post updates, and see what your friends are doing. We see this as an organization/productivity tool that can also be used for marketing.

How I built it

We started with some boilerplate code we found online, and shaped the product to include the features that we needed. We divided the features and started building, with certain individuals specializing (cloud tools, UI, etc.). Overall it was a very fun and educational experience. We learnt a lot about the MEAN stack, and feel good about the end product!

Challenges I ran into

There are always those bugs you get stuck on for a maddening amount of time, or when you find out you misread the documentation 3 hours after you made a big commit. And there's always source control confusion, but that's what happens!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of putting together so many features in a short amount of time. Proud of our teamwork skills and the surprisingly little amount of conflict/disagreement.

What I learned

Sleep is not as necessary as ya think.

What's next for Challenge Hub

Definitely work needs to be done on the UI side. In terms of features, I'd say we're only about 60% there. Generally just a bunch of overall improvements.

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