In the West, we are living in one of the most technologically advanced and abundant periods in history. Yet, many people struggle with stress, disconnection, and unhappiness. The latest stats are alarming:

• Only 3 out of 10 employees in the US are actively engaged at work. (Gallup)

• About 1 in 4 Americans do not have a friend that they can confide in. (Duke University)

• Only 1 in 3 Americans consider themselves to be very happy. (Harris Poll)

The good news is that we can improve our happiness and well-being by increasing the quantity and quality of our social connections (Greater Good, UC Berkeley).

With this in mind, our goal is to help people feel more socially connected in the workplace. We want people to come to work and feel like they are joining a fun, loving, and supportive community.

WHAT IS IT? Challenge Hive is an online community-building platform that invites people to grow in new ways and create positive, meaningful connections. Our group challenges are focused on cultivating shared values, positivity, and socio-emotional skills such as gratitude, compassion, resilience, mindfulness, empathy, social awareness and vulnerability.

Our challenge content is created in partnership with leadership coaches from the Wisdom 2.0 community, academic institutions like HopeLab, and influential psychologists like Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.


  1. The manager, team, department, or organization chooses a 2-6 week challenge based on what they wish to address or cultivate in their culture.

  2. Each week, participants get engaging group missions via email that are accompanied by helpful tips, resources, and inspiring quotes for practicing a certain value, mindset or skill.

  3. Participants do a quick 1-2 minute reflection and rate how they feel after completing each mission, which can be aggregated to give meaningful analytics on the health of the workplace culture.

  4. They can anonymously share their reflections with everyone on the community journal or just with specific individuals over email.

  5. The community journal is a place to spread happiness and give support throughout the group challenge. It serves as a powerful visual artifact of people's stories, insights and progress. Managers and team members can reference the community journal to keep their daily collaborations positive and productive!

WHERE ARE WE + WHAT'S NEXT? Before The Happiness Apps Challenge, we only had a basic working prototype for Challenge Hive that included features from 1-3 above. We quickly realized that doing the weekly team missions and self-reflections were not enough to have a systematic impact on cultivating positive work cultures. Therefore, we designed and developed the community journal feature (4 and 5 above) specifically for The Happiness Apps Challenge.

We have self-funded our efforts thus far and need additional funds to:

• Streamline our tracking and community journal pages, add alert notifications and analytics, and build a simple reward system to encourage user engagement (Shown in Mockup 1:

• Develop a robust bank of community challenges for different core values, socio-emotional skills, and positive culture-building techniques (Shown in Mockup 2:

Our vision for Challenge Hive is to house the largest community of coaches, teams and leaders in the world demonstrating how employee happiness is critical to an organization’s long-term success. We want to establish proven models for growing and replicating a happy, thriving workplace.

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