Our inspiration comes from the ability for music to reconnect society and to ensure uninterrupted, continuous learning for our children.

What it does

Our platform intends to provide a framework within which a music teacher can set up a high quality remote connection with their student. We have recommended that teachers use OBS Studio and Zoom to allow multiple views to be controlled, recorded and streamed

How I built it

OBS Studio allows a user to view multiple viewports through one platform and control audio within them. Through careful configuration of the settings within OBS Studio, Zoom can be used within OBS to form the basis of the video link between Teacher and Student.

Challenges I ran into

The configuration of the two software platforms require a little technical knowledge. The main issue which musicians will face are latency issues related to the distance the sound needs to travel. A face-to-face lesson will require a distance of 2m for sound to travel, a busy Zoom meeting may require the equivalent of 150m for the sound to travel. Using top of the range software the latency can be reduced to an equivalent of 20m travel. Our solution aims to reach a medium ground whilst utilising free, easily accessible, stable software

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team we are proud of being able to realise Tibor's concept and help deliver it without a tight timescale. We came together for the first time during this Hackathon, we have no skills in common, we have no reason to contribute other than our collective will to volunteer our support for this cause and we are proud that we have delivered a workable solution.

What I learned

Latency (the time lag in sound as it travels from Sender to Receiver and back again) is the big problem for music lessons. The are very expensive solutions available to overcome these, but they are well out of the range of music teachers and students. Our solution mitigates the latency problem by providing the teacher with the facility to view multiple video sources (e.g. a shot of a student's face and a shot of their fingers (if playing piano)

What's next for Challenge #7 - Remote Music Lessons

Integrated chat and record functions allow lessons to continue even if the internet connection is unstable. Synchronization: allow students and teachers to make music together Tailored options for diverse teachers (classroom instructors, band/choral directors, group lessons)

Built With

  • obs
  • zoom
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