Witnessing (close) relatives behaving in an unfamiliar and peculiar way (e.g. suddenly showing racism, believing in strange theories, following weird recommendations...) due to articles, messages and posts they have read online. Some misinformation can have harmful consequences such as a false sense of protection or dangerous self-medication.

What it does

Interrupt the dynamic of misinformation linked to the new situation of a pandemic by motivating specifically young people to challenge content on media platforms.

How we built it

Search engine with web front end and integrations with APIs of social media platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter).

Challenges we ran into

Definition of fake news, trustworthy sources, targeting the most harmful fake news, filter wrong information, motivate/incentivise users that are not actually looking for truth.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Collaboration in team, state of the art solution on a relevant topic, use for Switzerland as well as potential for the future.

What we learned

Converging on a prototype as the work of a team with diverse backgrounds, challenges with fake news/misinformation, organizing and planning.

What's next for Challenge #185 - Dealing with fake information

Some of us would like to continue at least on a part-time basis if there is a substantial interest in the solution.

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