This is a trend which already existing, but with the crisis covid-19, the qty has increased and when it is finished, it is a safe bet that the trend will continue to increase. Therefore, we have chosen to address the issue of isolation that can cause mental health deterioration. Following the interviews that we have done with users, we have observed that with the absence of social relationships, the most frequent pain point is the fact of no longer having social, personal interaction with his peers and the spontaneous side of his interactions. This amplifies the feeling of isolation. Existing digital tools do not address the spontaneous aspect that is usually found in the workplace. In fact, researches show the extent of this problem.

What it does

Imagine the following situation, it is almost 10 am and I would normally have my coffee with my colleagues but at the moment I’m at home. I'm getting up to go to my OWN coffee machine, I put my phone on my smart base. The “Pause me” application connects me to Stéphanie who is also taking her coffee break at the same time. Without having to touch my phone, a window opens and I will be connected to my friend and here we go, we can chat. The coffee machine is often the place where small talks happen. No meeting request, No messenging , Human way only...

How we built it

Our design is composed of two parts: smart stand and the application. In the smart stand we are using RFID technology which is the trigger for the Pause me app. The application itself allows to simply bridge between your favorite app and your coffee break.

Challenges we ran into

Finding real pain of the remote working community in term of personal interactions. Finding time within our family schedule (we have young chidren and we also work a lot). Working under pressure and remotely!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have found a simple solution which solves a deep need.

What we learned

A lot of statistics about isolation of course and realising that it's not so obvious, something it's a little bit too late when you realise you have symptoms.

What's next for challenge#1085 strong virtual worker

We have challenges in terms of security and technical programming.

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