What were your new years resolutions for 2015? Lose weight? Read more? Do yoga? Quit smoking?

How are they going?

If you are like me, keeping up with your resolutions is challenging. Life gets in the way and it's hard to stay motivated. But you know what helps, friends.

Friends motivate you by either cheering or competing against you. Who will be the first to lose 10 pounds? To attend 5 yoga lessons in a month? To quit smoking?

Challenge is platform for friends to compete against each other. Anybody can create a challenge and invite friends to complete it. Friends can pledge money to the challenge, and the winner or winners get the pledges of the losers. This mimics real-life bets between friends that happen all the time.

Not all challenges require pledges, and upon completion you get a cool badge to showoff. Like a video game achievement. Imagine having the rare "Run a Marathon" badge in your belt?

Challenge is also a way for companies to engage potential customers. For example, a yoga studio could create a "5 Yoga Lessons" challenge. Potential customers buy the lessons and if they complete challenge within the month, get their money back. Either they will be scared of yoga for life, or they will have enjoyed it so much (like I did) that they continue with paid lessons. Since you can't do challenges by yourself and need to invite a friend, companies engage 2 or more customers with similar interests!

And what about building better communities? Challenge can help! Organizations can create a "Plant a Tree" or "Donate Blood" challenge where people get badges upon completion. There are many interesting possibilities for Challenge since everybody engages on challenges all the time.

The next time you want to start something and actually finish it, create a Challenge, invite some friends and tell us how it goes!

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