The City of San Diego published a report on Vision Zero. In this report, potential solutions were laid out including traffic calming measures, one of which was intersection murals.

What it does

Leverages opportunity within Public & Private Partnerships (P3) to create intersection murals.

How I built it

Leveraged SD Open Data Portal to identify traffic information and traffic collision data, along with GE Smart Cities platform data, with a python backend stack.

Challenges I ran into

Having a advocate that was receptive to the technology solution offered to City.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We found a published city metric for vision zero plan and created a solution that reduces accidents, reduces vehicle speed, and increases pedestrian volume around businesses.

What I learned

Data sets are not normalized and require a degree of effort to massage data into a format that works with the challenge problem

What's next for CHALK

We seek to validate models that show decreases in vehicular incidents due to methodical urban planning of space making via crosswalk art. Additinionally, Chalk is one of many program that can be promoted through a Private/Public Partnership.

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