Having seen how people lost their jobs during this pandemic period, I started thinking of how best we can survive and cater for healthy and affordable meals. I thought of menus for locsl mwananchi.

What it does

Enabling Wanjiku on different ways to make cheap but balanced meals for their families

How I built it

Interacted with different classes of people, especially in the low income areas. Tried out locally available foods in the market and coming up with ways to incorporate in the diet.

Challenges I ran into

Most people I talked to could not even afford housing, leave alone food items.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to feed several needy families through the initiative

What I learned

If locals can be equiped with agricultural know how on different crops that can grow in their areas, this could go a long way in eradicating food shortage. Most people do not know what a wrll balanced diet comprises

What's next for Chakula affordable

To be able to reach more families and educate them on importance of well balanced diet. To start an affordable food outlet.

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