By making development more accessible to everyone.

What it does

Provides a template and a platform that allows developers to fast track their development of Solana Dapps, especially for people looking to build on top of the Solana Token Program

How we built it

Using the Chainstarters platform.

Challenges we ran into

Documentation for Solana and Solana open library programs is currently slightly scarce. We are hoping that by having done the bulk of the grunt work, users will be able to hit the ground running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a platform that allowed us to go from nothing to a working base app that allows one to mint tokens and view balances in about a day was the main accomplishment of this project.

What we learned

Developing Dapps for Solana is really easy after overcoming some initial grunt work.

What's next for Chainstarters Solana

We already have some similar functionality and templates for Ethereum and solidity. We're hoping to diversify onto other blockchains to make Dapp development as a whole more accessible

Built With

  • apollo
  • chainstarters
  • graphql
  • psql
  • react
  • solana
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