Inspiration -

--There are lots of great games but gamefi is still trying to find a sustainable model that benefits players and the game.

What it does -

-- Rewards players with NFT assets that they own creating an ecosystem that stays within the game.

How we built it -

-- Using Chainsafe SDK and Nethereum SDK to connect Unity to the Blockchain, and then creating a signature hashing function to allow a minter address to approve a reward transaction. Originally our game was made on BSC Chain but I found Emerald easy to get set up on and the fees much more agreeable..

Challenges we ran into

-- Rewarding players with nft rewards was the biggest hurdle because it requires a way to safely and securely allow the game to mint rewards to a player even though Unity is not on the blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

--Created the most player focused model for blockchain gaming allowing the value of the game assets be tied to their in-game worth. I believe CG is the only game with the signature minting style it has to reward in-game NFT assets.

What we learned

--A lot about ECDSA works, signatures, and signing.

What's next for CryptoGuns

--Addition of more Game NFTs such as weapons.

Built With

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