In a well-connected world, it's very easy to get hands on things with modern infrastructure in place. Specially, Logistics, we have so many ways to move things quicker and safer thanks to modern science again. But when it comes to security and interoperability, we still have gaps.

What our MVP does

Record Goods/Shipments on Blockchain . Only the party mentioned as consignee in smart contract can receive goods and change its status from "Ready for Retrieval" to "Delivered".

How I built it

Build a smart contract on top ethereum framwork (used Kovan testnet for MVP). We used svelte framework to build front-end and formatic ( wallet framework).

What's next for Chainrecord

_ Interoperability _, We can scale it using Polkadot. For connected shipments via different air Carriers (having own blockchain systems), Polkadot will allowing them to operate seamlessly together at scale. _ Loyalty Program _, An inbuilt token management (ERC token), will replace costly intermediates like (banks, hotel) which increase cost program. _ Maintenance, Repair and overhaul _, Asset management throughout the total lifecycle with Blockchain will reduce risks and increase timely repair and overall efficiency.

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