This is a project made by Adebayo Olamilekan (Oleanji) for the chainlink hackathon and this project is more like a DAO and it entails :

-Lottery System
-Messaging system
-NFT minting


This is the main part of this project as if you are not a member of the Oleanji ChainLink Dao then you cannot do anything in this Dapp. To join you only need to supply a Name and click the join Membership button and you will be credited with the DAO's native token which is OLT (Oleanji Token). Your account will be credited with about 500 OLT.
This then opens the other part of the Dapp to you.

Lottery System

This system has to do with users that are already members of the DAO to join a lottery system It was Initally meant to be a voting system where by users enter a slogan and other members vote for them and the highest account with votes gets credited but now learning about the chainlink VRF and Keepers Contract I still left the slogan part but now its up to VRF contract and the ChainlinkOracle to decide who gets credited and the keepers does this lottery system every 15 minutes and if some other conditions are valid like numbers of ppl who joined the lottery / voting should be more than 0. The winner is picked and then credited and the keeper contract starts checking for upkeep if the conditions are valid for perform upkeep to work. And the loop continues. Also to enter cost around 150 OLT

Messsaging System

This was originally a contract that i wrote on my gihub page which allow users to send a particular token to any other address that they specify and its document their trasaction details like ; time of execution, the link to the explorer, the ID, the amount, bothe the recever's and sender's account address and lastly the message sent . An input field is provided and you can choose to send a message along with your gift token.

So now in this DAO you can send message to the group and using this feature and everyone sees it and for every messga ecost 1 OLT token i know paying gas fees every time seems like a hassle but thats what we are working with ## FOR NOW as i'll improve on it.

NFT Minting

This DAO has an nft minting platform whereby you can actually mint one of the 12 oleanji Chainlink NFT's that are worth 200 OLT each.which can be viewed on opensea which the link is provided.



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