When we first stepped into the world of web3, we realized the untapped potential it had in transforming the relationship between brands and influencers. We wanted to create a platform that could mutually benefit both parties while introducing an element of fun and competition. That's how ChaInfluence was born - a platform designed to bring brands and users closer through engaging contests.

What it does

ChaInfluence is a web3 dApp where brands can create contests with tasks for users to complete. Users, in turn, can earn points for completing these tasks. The more points a user accumulates, the higher their chances of winning various prizes. It's a win-win situation that fosters a beneficial relationship between brands and influencers.

How we built it

Building ChaInfluence was a journey of learning and exploration. We utilized various tools and technologies to develop a secure, efficient, and user-friendly dApp. Our tech stack included Solidity for smart contract development, along with web3.js and NextJs for the front-end development. We also integrated Chainlink Data Feed to connect with Social Media API like Twitter (and more soon).

Challenges we ran into

As with any project, we faced a few challenges along the way. The primary challenge was ensuring the secure and fair distribution of points and prizes. We had to make sure that the system was immune to any manipulation. Furthermore, creating a user-friendly interface that catered to both brands and influencers was no small task. But with persistence and hard work, we were able to overcome these hurdles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of developing a platform that adds value to both brands and influencers. Seeing our vision come to life and witnessing the first interactions on ChaInfluence was a moment of immense pride. We're also proud of the secure and reliable system we've built, ensuring fair play and transparency.

What we learned

Building ChaInfluence was a great learning experience. We gained valuable insights into smart contract development, dApp development, and the workings of web3. We also learned about the needs and preferences of both brands and influencers, which helped us in building a platform that caters to both.

What's next for ChaInfluence

We are excited about the future of ChaInfluence. We plan to introduce more contest categories and expand our user base. We also aim to integrate more features to enhance user experience and engagement. Our ultimate goal is to make ChaInfluence the go-to platform for brands and influencers across the globe.

Built With

  • chainlink
  • chainlink-data-feed
  • chakraui
  • ethers.js
  • hardhat
  • next.js
  • typechain
  • typescript
  • usedapp
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