News publishers and platforms struggle with validating their content, while expert and public opinion is given equal footing and access to readers' brains. Expertise is acquired, not innate... How to XXX

What it does

ChainedTrust allows Publishers to back their content with the support from experts of the field, and help the public react to it with necessary sources. We propose to identify valuable contributions and reward them with monetary incentives, and raise public trust in content providers deciding to open their publications to fact-checkers identified as experts in the field.

The core of our system allows for article publishing, signing and rewarding fact-checkers by publishing platforms, including social networks and online newspapers. By providing methods to trust networks to attribute a validated identity to contributors, ChainedTrust allows for Publishers to promote contributions following their guidelines, and foster dialogue based on established and sourced facts.

How we built it

Our POC is built at the interface of 4 smart contracts on the NEAR Platform. Our contracts help manage the Network of accredited Publishers, and Identity Provider, but also Manage publishing on each platform with Collections of articles and comments, but also Identities that are valued as contributors to reward. The contracts are coded with Assembly Script, and are deployed on the NEAR testnet. Our demonstrator includes pages simulating a content publishing website.

Challenges we ran into

Disinformation is a wicked problem, and not the least. Fact-checking is something that needs to be defined, and our system had to be generic enough to allow for several definitions of expertise to consider.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Jumpstarting a working prototype in less than two days, smiling from the beginning to the end :D

What we learned

How to work away, but together, and how to tangibilize issues to better tackle them.

What's next for ChainedTrust

Generalising our concept, as we know that validity is not only a concern for news, but for data in general.

Built With

  • assembly-script
  • near
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