A global, decentralized open, and fair Market-leading cross-chain platform.

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MacroBlockchain is a decentralized platform that provide open access to marketplace and lending services, in which institutional and individuals investors can fund lending pools according to their risk/reward incentive, additionally borrowers can apply and receive loans base on the goods they produce evaluating quality, and demand on the marketplace platform. This process aims to create a dynamic and alternative credit score.

Business Tissue: 96% are microenterprise. Annual GDP: 35% contribution to the Salvadorean economy. Credit Service: 67.3% have an active credit service. Technology gap: 97% does not have an online marketplace platform to commercialize their products. Job Creation: 700,000 annual job

What it does

This platform promotes great financial practices, use of standard metrics that combines with other off-chain and on chain data. It contains verified credential from different sources. Our team is addressing a grand global challenge related with access to financial services at fair conditions, inequality and bad financial practices that destroy the entrepreneur and business ecosystems.

How we built it

Using the CosmWasm: CosmWasm adds WASM Smart Contract support to a CosmoSDK chain.basically to start building the functions that will include the program (SmartContract) and Also provides API and library funtions to smart contract We integrated the Rust design principles minimize some kinds of smart contract vulnerabilities. also we used the CosmWasmLibraries. The Solana Program Library (SPL). Gitpod Solana App Scaffold. We designed the website and the user experience interface as well has the Whitepaper that include the main concepts.

Challenges we ran into

User Experience design, since the concept of WEB3 and blockchaing is a challenge to integrate all the previous knowledge into the new high demand visual quality and order, we designed several views how how the web dapp should look like. Integrate ideas, since the team has a different experience on the field of blockchain and usage in real-world scenarios, it was a challenge to merge all the ideas into one concept and build the final product. Design the program architecture of the smart contract. Time. We made the extra mile by getting more time into the project, it was difficult since the time needed to watch the video tutorials and get all the workshops provided on the hackathon on youtube was high demand and consumed a lot of time. but we were able to handle it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to deploy the Blockchain Shop and Lending website, connect it with the Phanton wallet and collect data with oracles and API. We worked hard to deploy the program to run the smart contract for the defi option. plus all the experience and amazing tutorials and workshops we were part of during the last 5 weeks.

What we learned

Getting started with Solana. COsmWasm SmartContracts. Create a Solana dApp from scrath by Loris Leiva. Installing localTerra. Intro to Rust. Wormhole Bridge Tutorial - How to manually add tokens to your Terra Station wallet Learn to build on Solana with Figment Learn

What's next for MacroBlock

Our goal is with the finance we reeive from the hackaton complete the fully deploy of the service web site with our own domain name, register the company base on El Salvador and start building our audience, our goal is to reach 100K user on the platform including merchant, buyers and money lenders. Also implement corrective actions if needed and track all the realize benefits by the end of the year 2022.

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