Our inspiration is to make a social media web3 DApp which makes connecting with friends decentralised to avoid data stealing happening in modern world centralised social media apps.

What it does

It allows users to communicate digitally via messages as well as video calling facility. also they can make new friends from the list of users using our product.

How we built it

we built the web3 DApp using next.js for front-end, we wrote the smart contract on solidity and it is deployed on 5IRE blockchain, also we have used twilio for adding the video call facility, we have used ethers.js and hardhat too

Challenges we ran into

There were 2 major challenges that we ran into:

  1. Making the messaging process gas-less for users by automatically signing the transactions , it was a challenge for us as it was completely new for us, but we managed to achieve it.
  2. setting up twilio was a real big challenge for us, we struggled a lot to integrate it into our web3 DApp but we managed to achieve it after several trials and errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were able to build what we planned for in the given time and cleared all the hurdles successfully.

What we learned

we learnt completely new 5IRE blockchain and how to interact with it, we also learnt hoe to use twilio SDK for video calls, we learnt how we can automatically sign transactions.

What's next for ChainChat

we will be adding more functionalities to it and will keep on making it more powerful, smooth and efficient , our goal is to make it famous worldwide

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