Our society stands on the brink of making the last invention. General Artificial Intelligence will make innovation by humans obsolete within the next decade. An AI with a unfavorable setup might harm our species, for example by using all our atoms to produce paper clips. We are entering into the race for the first GAI with the chain of life, a distributed evolutionary algorithm developed by humans for the survival of humans.

What it does

The chain of life is a competitive distributed market for life strategies. It is played in a crypto petri dish and the life strategies that occupied the most space after x generations win. The winners move on into further bigger dishes.

How we built it

  • universal login
  • POA xDAI chain
  • crypto-life verification game

Challenges we ran into

  • block gas limit
  • time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • bringing complex emerging behavior on chain
  • enforcing off-chain computation

What we learned

  • life is fun, life is short

What's next for Chain of Life

  • winning the general-artificial-intelligence race for the good of human survival.
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