There is a need to ensure protection over physical assets as they operate and are managed in the field

  • Non-repudiated records of anomalous activity
  • Non-repudiated records of service requests and completion
  • Non-repudiated records of configuration and changes
  • Tracking and movement of physical assets into and out of the field

What it does

Identifies anomalies within operating physical assets, generates service requests, tracks modifications on those physical assets and tracks assets moving in and out of the field. This information is then captured as part of a blockchain transaction to ensure non-repudiation of these activities.

How we built it

The application primarily is developed using Java and Node.js as well as the following Predix services:

  • UAA
  • Asset
  • Timeseries
  • Dynamic Mapping
  • Shift Anomaly Detector
  • Analytics Catalog
  • Analytics Runtime
  • Analytics UI
  • Predix Machine

Challenges we ran into

  • Limitations of Predix with regard to number of instances in a space
  • Dynamic Mapping service had an issue retrieving data (non-UAA related)
  • Analytics UI failed after authentication and returned to login screen

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Most of the team didn't even know what Pivotal or Predix was 2 weeks ago.
  • In discussing the use case for our project, a number of CSC team members in the company identified additional customers who would be interested in this type of scenario and how it satisfies a real world requirement.

What we learned

How suitable Predix was to rapid development of multiple types of applications related to tracking of assets and real-time data analysis

What's next for Chain Of Custody for Protection of Physical Assets

We're taking the show on the road after GEMM16. We now have many customers interested in seeing the work we have done here.

User Information For Demo

app_user_2 for user and password

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