The idea is more inspired because of covid and the lockdown. We know that this was a harsh time, but it taught us some really good things. So, we decided to build an ecosystem to empower nature and local artists.

What it does

Chain-O-Plant is an ecosystem that constitutes 4 components as of now.

  1. ERC20 token "Greencoin" - This is created to tokenize the whole ecosystem, transaction fees and everything will be done by this. Each minting of token will led to the plantation of tree.
  2. Marketplace for local artists - This section provides local and budding artists to showcase their art through NFT's.
  3. Lottery- In this, we will use chainlink random number generator, through which in every slot a random number will get generated and winner will take the prize money and some part of it will be used for the plantation of tree.
  4. Plant a "Plant" - This section provide you dedicate a plant with name, description and the latitude and longitude of plant will be shared with chainlink oracalise, so that you can see the exact location of it.

How we built it

There are different tech stack has been included, of course we tried to keep it minimal. We have used React.js, JS, Chainlink, Ethereum, truffle, and other tech stack in it. We kind of divided it into chunks or modules and work in that way.

Challenges we ran into

Working on things always leads to unforeseen barriers, we also faced many difficulties in our way. For us chainlink was totally new. but the docs really helped and discord support. Beside that one of the challenge is to minimize the idea because we have limited time and at the same time we don't even want to leave anything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For us the small thing matters a lot, we have cherish everything from the connection we made to completing this hackathon. Even brainstorming the idea to implementing a new stack that we haven't worked on. The most important thing is to at least try doing it and starting with the things.

What we learned

There are many things that we have learned - Work as a team, going through official docs , converting idea into small prototype, how to solve errors without scratching our heads..

What's next for Chain-O-Plant

The local artist and the nature part is the sole idea of this project and we want to improve it afterwards by implementing more flexible NFT buy and sell marketplace in which the transactions fees will be in term of green coin that leads to the plantation of the tree. Including payment methods, creating fund raising for environmental activities and many more things.

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