Inspired by the gaming industry and the current developments regarding NFTs, we set up the plan to create a gaming experience which combines both worlds.

What it does

Chain.Game is a RPG browsergame, whereby the items system of the game is based on NFTs. As player you progress through the story of the game and gain step by step new skills and equipment to be better prepared for your next challenges in the game.

How we built it

The game is built mainly in JavaScript and Php to offer a nice gaming experience in the browser. To connect to the blockchain the tool neon.js is used. The smart contract itself is created in neo3-boa and follows the NEP 11 standard.

Challenges we ran into

It was tough the get the first functioning smart contract, where the minting and transfer operation are functional. At the beginning it was a try and error experience until the first progress really come into play. Another big challenge was to format the output from the smart contract. Sometimes it was though to turn the received data into the correct format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the N3 integration into our game. We have a working backend and frontend. Players can login to the game and can get first impressions. The current version is far a way from perfect - a lot of things can be optimized - it is a solid foundation to built on

What we learned

From a technical perspective, we have learned how to work with N3. We know what is necessary to create a smart contract, how to debug it, how to deploy it and how we can interact with it. As the time the hackathon started, there was an onboarding process of two new team members to the project. As result of this process a big learning was handling time management efficient, to get things done, and focusing on the right things to achieve the bigger goal of the submission for the N3 hackathon.

What's next for Chain.Game

The next steps for Chain.Game are to create more and more content. It is about new quests, new NPCs, new story lines, new items as well as skins for the game. Another important factor will be finishing the fighting sytem and enable Player versus Player fights. Further optimization regarding loading times are also on the priority list.

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