• With almost all our day-to-day activities going virtual, Discord has become one of the most used social media platforms. With this in mind, our entrepreneurship background has led us to decide that we can monetize day-to-day life on Discord. All of our group members use Discord on an extensive day-to-day basis, and have many of our own servers. We thought that this was a great way to earn money as server owners but also to help other companies gain wide outreach on a massive platform.

❓ What it does

  • chAD works like any other of your favorite Discord Bots such as Rythm, or Dyno, but chAD puts random advertisements into the text channels into your servers, depending on the number of messages sent into the server. This scales up with the amount of people on your server. As an advertisement appears, the Server owner will be rewarded with real cash depending on how many ads are generated in the Server, creating a Win-Win situation for both the Server owners and the companies running ads through the chAD bot.

🏗️How we built it

  • The website was built using HTML, CSS (bootstrap), and JS. The Discord Bot itself was developed using Python and the Discord.py library. The entire system was built around the Airtable API.

🚧Challenges we ran into

  • We never used the Airtable API before, and the only resources available to us was cURL commands and javascript scripts. It was too late to re-code the bot in javascript, so we took some time to learn how to translate cURL commands into python.

✅Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We’re proud of how our front-end and back-end turned out after the hackathon. We did not expect to produce such great results for us, especially on the website, but we managed to make it much better than what we expected. The bot also turned out better than expected, as it performed tasks much faster and efficiently than we had initially imagined.

🙋‍♂️What we learned

  • We learned how to collaborate better on a project. We also learned how to build Discord bots since it was our first time making a Discord Bot. Also learned some tricks about Git and version control.

💭What's next for chAD, the AD bot for Discord Servers

  • Since we are running random Advertisements through chAD bot as of now, a next step would be to integrate a more complex advertisement finding algorithm that takes in preferences of people within the server and delivers ads that best tailor to the needs and preferences of the people in the server. This will increase the likelihood of people clicking on the Ads and will make chAD Bot overall more effective.

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