This project was built for the Art/Entertainment project track. I wanted to make a fun and creative game that emphasizes the twists and turns in a relationship. This specific difficulty I wanted to emphasize about dating was the importance of being on time. Something we don’t think too much about until we’re the ones being stood up and having to wait for the other person. I made figurative ideas and sayings into a reality in the game such as how your girlfriend can turn into an angry monster when she catches you doing something wrong.

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What it does🤔

On the website, you're able to see how the game works and what controls it was built with. Throughout the website, I've planted hints about the character that will help you successfully complete the game. You play as Chad and you need to be on time for your date. But there are certain things you must have done first before getting ready so you can leave the house. Being on time is VERY important…as Chad’s girlfriend tends to turn into a scary monster if he’s late. Through this game you will learn the importance of punctuality and how to make up with someone you did wrong. (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ ( ˘︹˘ )

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How we built it⚙️

For the game, I used Java and built it on Greenfoot. I bootstrap to provide a foundation for the website and using the things that were taught in the HTML workshops, I was able to further personalize and add additional features.

Challenges we ran into😅

I had to modify a lot of things in order to make the game possible in this amount of time. A little bit sad that the final product didn't turn out exactly the way I envisioned it but overall, it went pretty well. There were definitely more features I wanted to add on but a one-man team can only do so much (>‿◠)✌

Accomplishments that we're proud of🤩

The transitions in-between scenes were very smooth. I found lots of clever ways to substitute features that I wasn't able to build with this amount of time.


What we learned🥸

Whenever in doubt, just restart your PC, and all your lag problems usually go away :)

What's next for Chad's Late Date🥳

I hope to add more scenarios of all the other difficulties of dating such as communication, trust, etc. I think it could both be a fun and eye-opening experience. I would love to experiment with other features such as a health bar and more challenges for Chad. Of course, with more time I would also like to make this game more inclusive with unique characters that the user can choose from.

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