Lifeline and similar games involving a conversational user interface.

What it does

Chad Bott, your former TreeHacks teammate, is planning to create a startup around stories told through the medium of chatbots - and he wants you as his co-founder! Will you join in his quest to aggressively search StackOverflow and disrupt the literary world?

How we built it

We worked through the chatbot hackpack and reappropriated it for the purposes of telling a story.

Challenges we ran into

Familiarizing ourselves with Node.js/Promises and sending messages in sequence (rather than in parallel) with Promises.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coding up our first chatbot with Facebook Messenger and learning loads about JavaScript on the way! Coming up with a metafictional story and punny name!

What we learned

Chatbot development for Facebook Messenger, Node.js, Promises, and more!

What's next for Chad Bott

More plot, deeper interaction, natural language understanding, and buzzwords!

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