Our Problem

Financial Illiteracy is one of the major problem of the youth today. Most of the youth, including us, are not expose to saving, investing, and manipulating their money and we are too financially dependent to our parents. It is mainly because of two reasons: 1) We do not have an access to banking, and 2) We cannot maximize our access to banking. We think that youth, us, should be educated while we are young in financial aspects and should have and more fun and easy access to banking. We want to bring banking to your community, your home, and your family.

Our Solution

We came up with the solution called CHACHING. Chaching $$ is a gamefied application that lets parents to give chores which have money value with it that their children can earn once accomplished and the money can be transferred from their parents' bank account to the children's bank account which are associated to the application. We believe that children, youth, or kids should have their own bank account so that they would grow up financially independent and they would learn how to give importance to the value of money. This application would teach the youth how to reap what they sow, and it is a win-win situation because youth could learn all about giving importance to money and the financial aspect, while they can take their responsibility at home. It could also help with future problems like future generation debt caused by the illiteracy of the youth who would grow up in the near future. It is a small act with a big impact that could prevent problems as big as poverty in the future, that is why we think this application can decode tomorrow.

Building it

We used Nodejs for server, Pug for View Templating Engine, Express for building API, and Modern Admin Template for the UI.

What is Next?

We would like to integrate this application to mobile development because everyone uses mobile nowadays. It could also be tie-up with e-commerce site that could give non-monetary value such as toys, clothes, and other things for rewards.


This is an entry for Aboitiz's Decode Tomorrow: 24-Hour Hackathon Challenge, and a 1st Runner-up Prize winner

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