Our inspiration for this project is the idea that even the ordinary can be fun. As a team, we love the concept of making day-to-day living as interesting as possible. During our brainstorming process, we all brought up chores as something that we did not look forward to each day, and then decided that our goal this weekend was to make chores enjoyable. We also believe that the concept of chores and allowance are the earliest introduction to money management that children have. Therefore, we decided to create an app that rewards completed chores with in-app tokens that can be redeemed for real-life rewards that are up to a parent or guardian's discretion. This weekend, we created Cha Ching!

What it does

Cha Ching is an app to make doing chores more fun for kids and use them to teach financial literacy. Parents can assign chores to their children with set timelines for completion and set amounts of tokens assigned with completion. On the child's end, they will see that they have been assigned a chore and once they complete it they will mark it complete on the app and upload a picture (ex. Picture of made bed). Tokens can also be earned for watching educational videos. The tokens earned can be spent for small rewards (ex. Time to play video games), put into pools for larger family rewards (going out for dinner as a family), or put in a locked folder to grow for a certain amount of time. The children can also see how their siblings have been doing and compare their awards and tokens.

How we built it

We implemented a full-stack web application using the JavaScript DOM with HTML and CSS as the frontend and a ReST API that uses node.js and express, which all use MongoDB as the database management system. We used GitHub to be able to work collaboratively on all parts of our project, and also delegated tasks by assigning work in specified files to avoid merge conflicts.

We broke down each major functionality into its own page. This functionality differs depending on if the user is a parent/guardian or a child of a house:

Both Parent and Child

Login/Signup page: The first page a user will interact with, which allows them to either create a new account or log in to the app.

Parent Functionality

Dashboard: View what chores have been assigned to whom, view completed chores that have yet to be approved, create rewards, view achievements, and add a child to the household

Assign Chore: Choose a child to assign your chore to, the deadline of the chore, how many tokens the chore is worth, and how soon it should be completed

Create Challenge: A parent can approve the app-made challenges so that they are available to their household, or they may want to create their own challenges. This page is for both of these tasks.

Create Rewards: Create a reward that any member of the household can work towards, specifying what the reward is and how many tokens it costs.

View all children: This page allows the parent to view each of the members of the household, how many tokens they each have, their achievements, and their rewards redeemed.

Child Functionality

Dashboard: View tokens and achievements, all chores assigned, and mark chores as completed once the task has been finished

Tokens: View how many tokens are currently available, how many are "locked", what challenges are currently running, and what rewards are available to be redeemed

Challenges we ran into

Overall it was a challenging hackathon as a whole. The difference in the time zone created a gap and we weren't able to communicate that properly, which led to us getting less time in total for the hack. Moreover, we hard-coded the values in our app which we shouldn't have done. This led to delays and the possibility of not being able to submit in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to learn how to manipulate the DOM using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which for some of us was a learning curve. Additionally, the fact that this is the first time we have implemented a full-stack application outside of a classroom environment. We are especially proud of how cohesively we worked as a team and how successful we were in implementing a functioning application in such a short amount of time.

What we learned

One thing the team has definitely learned is that nothing is impossible. Even if all the things are going the opposite way there is some force, a force which keeps us motivated and connected together (virtually). We were able to overcome the fear of not being able to submit the project and we were able to do this only because of the support which we got from each other.

What's next for Cha-Ching

Past this hackathon, we are brainstorming for the upcoming features and release dates of the app. A lot of updates will be issued and new features including gifting options via the app will be released in near future. Apart from that, the main motive of our app, which is making mundane things fun and improving money management and financial literacy skills in young Canadians, we'll also be looking forward to connecting app users with their friends and families via our platform. In this way, children will be able to help not only their parents but also will help their grandparents and other members of the community.

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