„Pokemon Go“ for Blockchain

Gamified mobile app

combining virtual world with real world (including location data and exchange or physical items:)

  • Gaming experience: User gets queststo solve
  • Networking & socializing: User connects to other players worldwide

New way of product placement

allows promotion of physical product items

  • Product and information placement via „gamification“: user has do solve challenges and hand it over to other users
  • Loyality programm e.g. via crypto currencies: users can benefit with real earn out payments

Secure and anonymous marketing platform

  • Identities and transactions blockchain secured
  • Data integrity, tracability and storage through blockchain

What it does/Architecture

Main components:

  • User Interaction via mobile application (iOS) and web page
  • Low Code Backend Architecture based on AWS
  • Securing transactions and identities via Cryptowerk
  • Storing data decentral via hashstax

User Experience

Regular Flow

  • Alice open the app and sees her game status
  • Alice scans the first item
  • The question/quest shows up. She solves the quest and get her points
  • Alice give Bob the bottle.
  • Bob scans the bottle -> Alice gets points


  • Alice scans a not released bottle -> Error with hint, someone else has to solve quest -> "Do you want to help?"
  • Alice scans a not registerd bottle -> Hint code is not register: do you want to invite Manifacture?
  • Alice scans a "pre-scaned" bottle -> Hint: "You have soled this quest

Challenges we ran into

  • Team from same company, but different locations (Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt & Munich) never met before
  • First experience with blockcain for most team members

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • System (App, Backend, Services) is up and running - app is running on different types of iOS devices
  • Team had great fun

Approaches for Business Models

B2B approach

  • Product placement fees
  • Big Data (e.g. range measurement)

B2C approach (optional)

  • Initial price for downloading app
  • In-app purchase

What I learned

  • Baisc ideas of cryptowerk and hashtrax
  • It's possible to build impressivet applications in a very short time by using the right APIs

What's next for #CH4SM


  • move serverless lambda function
  • building admin Interfaces
  • Android app
  • integrate more blockchain services for e.g. user Identification or item creation
  • moving off-chain stuff to on-chain stuff

... and finding a series A founding ;-)

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