CeyHello is a cloud based (mobile and web) social networking platform that focuses on the medication non-adherence problem. CeyHello connects caregivers with patients in the “care circle” where caregivers can motivate their loved ones to stick to their medication plans. By personalizing medication reminders and by incorporating the Facebook styled care circle social network, CeyHello brings in a unique human touch that helps patients to stick their medication plans. We believe that medication adherence is not just about sending reminders after reminders, but instead it is all about “who” sends the reminders and “how” the reminders are sent!

Our singular goal is to make the patient smile when they see the medication reminders.Whether the personalized reminder takes the form of Mr. Donald Trump telling the patient to adhere to the medication or it takes the form of a grand kid asking his grandfather to do the same, family members and caregivers now have the platform to engage with their loved ones like never before.

Key benefits to patients & caregivers:

Family members/caregivers can connect with patient via the “care circle”, a social networking platform where family members can take active participation in patient's medication regime. Caregivers can motivate patients by sharing personalized audio and visual clips called “Moticons” as medication reminders. Patients can maintain their online health record including all their medication history in their MedProfile and get audio instructions in their own language for all medications.

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