As a Computer Science Learning Assistant, most students I interact with struggle with pointers. This is my attempt at helping others improve their skills through reading and exercises.

What it does

This is a "worksheet" of sorts that guides anybody learning C++ through the basics of pointers and how they work. Sadly, only the introduction was finished due to time constraints with impending midterms.

How we built it

This is built simply in a Python executable. I'd much rather develop something more refined, but I'm on an additional time crunch with upcoming midterms.

Challenges we ran into

I've never had to compile a python file locally, so getting that entire environment set up did take some time. Additionally, I had to develop an easy-ish to follow program for the learning aspect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite its brevity, I think this could pan out to be a much more useful and successful worksheet than initially expected!

What we learned

I learned a little bit more about different programming environments (and how difficult it truly is to develop teaching materials).

What's next for Learning C++ Pointers in Python

I'd love to implement the rest of those modules mentioned in the beginning of the program! I'd also like to clean up the code and longer strings somehow.

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