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On April 1st, 2022, at around 14:30, Ceto team was batch deploying a rust version of the NFT trading environment and came across a failure in both deployment and upgrade in one canister. Each trading environment requires 3 canisters deployed, the first few environment setups all succeeded, however, the last one failed to proceed no matter how we tried. Query by the canister ID, dfx canister --network ic status, we found that the canister balance value was close to the maximum status of u64. At that time, I suspected that there was an underflow incident in the cycle balance, and proceeded to restore and upgrade the wallet, but also reported as an error. Therefore, I reported this problem to our community technical exchange group to see how others may fix this issue. In the meantime, I also submitted the incident to Dfinity team via Paul Liu saw my message in the group and immediately contacted me and worked on resolving the problem.

On May 13th, we received the bounty rewards from Dfinity 36

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