This was first inspired when we were asked in the prehackathon at Progressive how to enhance fan experience. I answered with these core concepts in brainstorming: in seat food delivery, geolocation of other stakeholders, tracking, an 3D rendering that takes sports, fans and the delivery/concierge experience to the next level. Elements of Google Street View, Google Maps, MapQuest, Lyft and Uber will all be integrated to offer optimal value to the user.

What it does Enhances the fan experience

The fan experience is enhanced by highlighting and offering nutritious foods just recently introduced in stadium to the fans. It allows diabetics and disabled ability to enjoy the game better and get healthy eats in seat. It also helps them experience things virtually in 3D that make mobility impairment tough. No fan wants to miss that big home run or strikeout. Now through 3D navigation in house and optimizing routing saves the fan time so they enjoy the live game more.

How we built it

We started with a fan experience map and allowed those modules designed and defined to drive the necessary strategies to map user interface and I/O elements. After I did those things, Bryan did a lot of the coding and developing work to make functional starting modules. Advanced, anticipated modules will take much time to allow data compilation and advanced algorithm development and inculcation.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with connecting to key stakeholders along the journey - but did. Eventually had these concepts and directions toward build vetted by VCs that validated them. We have enormous cost challenges to get all the images, satellite and costly access points, to properly render the best outcomes. We will build a great prototype, the meeting with Google will be another challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be the first, we feel, to conceptualize all these elements in design and propose them in integrated fashion with design elements and HOW we will create, render and deliver what we propose. We built some good code :)

What we learned

SO much about the hackathon process and networking, also sports applications and API, and more.

What's next for Cessions

moving to advanced opportunity, rendering stadia, implementing the algorithms, and getting all we envision actually working well and effectively to benefit all stakeholders : vendors, fans, couriers, sponsors, and Indians. We would help drive ticket sales, generate new value for fans, and hopefully drive economic impact.

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